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Advantages of leasing an executive suite include:

• Leasing only the space you need. Because you have full use of the common areas, reception, conference rooms, in an executive office suite.
• Short-term lease commitment. Many landlords require long-term leases to rent their open office space. When you rent from an executive office suite, most commit to a one-year lease to prevent rent increases, however, 6-month leases are usually available.
• Minimal financial investment in the physical space. A small business owner only needs to furnish the office (or have the center make arrangements to furnish it). The rest of the building is professionally furnished, including the equipment. You could move in Monday morning and have a meeting Monday afternoon!
• Minimal time and effort to establish an office.
• One Invoice – One Check – Easy Pay. You receive one invoice which includes your rent and your variable expenses. You write one check to cover rent, copies, internet, phones or any additional services. And no checks for utilities!
• Facilities and services when you need them. Rarely does a small business need a conference room, reception area or receptionist full-time. By sharing these services, the cost is divided among many companies.
• Professional receptionist greets your clients. Paid for and staffed by the office center. You enjoy a professional image and the look of being a well established business entity right from the start.
• Part-time assistance when you need it. If you need secretarial services you don’t have to hire a “temp”. Qualified staff are available to assist you. You will only be charged for the time spent on your work.
• Great Networking Opportunities. You get to expand your area of influence by interacting with the businesses and people located in your building on a daily basis.

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