Focus on Small Business... Save Money and Energy with Virtual Offices... 
Monday, June 8, 2009, 12:44 PM
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Focus on Small Business
Virtual Offices Save You Money...

Virtual offices allow you to work from home, save daily gas and commuting expenses. You can still have a professional image for meetings with your customers and use professionally staffed conference space on a daily or hourly basis only when you need it.

Are you thinking of starting your own business, but concerned what it will cost? Virtual offices are a unique way for small businesses to save time, money and energy while allowing them to deliver the products and services that keep their business “in business”. No need to purchase property, maintain a building, or pay added utilities and insurance premiums.

Work from anywhere – A VO gives you the freedom to operate from just about anywhere including your home. With a dedicated phone line, you can even forward calls to your home or cell, offering a professional appearance to your clients.

Works all day every day - Since the Virtual Office is there 24/7, just like any other office, customers, calls, and mail can be received on youy behalf. If a client decides to visit the physical address of your Virtual Office, they will be met by a trained, professional receptionist who can receive packages or pass on a message to you. They can even give a package to the client on your behalf if you arrange for this in advance.

Reduces the need for employees - The staff of the Virtual Office gives you the advantages of having a fully trained staff at your disposal. In addition to the reception services, some Virtual Office operations even include access to business services such as copying, secretarial services, notary services. A few centers, like the SBC Office Center, may even offer business consulting, accounting and tax services with a CPA onsite.

Face-to-Face meetings – Need an office for a day or conference room for a few hours for that special meeting or interview? You can schedule that time in an upscale atmosphere on an "as needed basis" at reduced rates by being a Virtual Tenant.

Improve Your Bottom Line - By catering to large number of people with the idea of providing the services which are otherwise not affordable, Virtual Offices can help your bottom line. It is particularly advantageous to self employed professionals and small entrepreneurs who need to be in the field delivering their services to customers.

Cost-effective - Since the additional services of the Virtual Office can be reserved on a daily or hourly basis, you only pay for those services when you use them.

Legal Address - Meet local government requirements for an occupational license by having the commercial office address of a Virtual Office and also gives the option of business mailing address. It’s of great help to those who operate from home. The client can give the address of the Virtual Office with a suite number and the SBC Office Center will accept all the mail on your behalf. To me-‘It’s a smart way to do business!!!’

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Welcome to the SBC Office Center Blog! 
Monday, March 30, 2009, 09:22 PM
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Welcome to the SBC Office Center Blog, where you can get all the news about the SBC Office Center.

SBC Office Center located at The Loop in Kissimmee is the best place to get a virtual office suite in the Kissimmee area. You get a fully furnished office with conference facilities plus all the amenities one would expect inside a regular office. You can rent day offices or lease an office for a longer period. It's the perfect place to bring a visitor or guest for a meeting or appointment. With SBC Office Center you get a local presence with everything a standard office has plus so much more. You can also take advantage of the telephone and address services which includes a remote receptionist.

The best thing about SBC is that they have move in ready offices for rent or lease. It's perfect for a home based business that needs a more professional looking place to bring clients. You can read more about SBC's many amenities here.

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