Tax Planning 
Wednesday, December 25, 2013, 10:29 PM
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Here are some key dates to follow and hopefully save yourself some money...

Individuals and Partnerships:

April 15th
Individual and Partnership Income Tax returns due.
PLEASE note: the late filing penalty for partnerships to $195 per partner per month that the return is filed past the due date (including extension). Additionally, the IRS may disqualify an extension with unreasonable information (zero tax and payments reported) and subject the taxpayers to late filing penalties.


May 1st
Annual Report due (for entities organized in the State of Florida). The Penalty for not filing the annual report by the due date is $400.
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Planning for the New Year! 
Wednesday, December 25, 2013, 10:24 PM
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Christmas is over and it is now time to start setting your sights on 2014. Start to line up your goals now so you can ring in the new year with positive momentum.

Take some time alone or with a few close friends or business associates and develop an assessment for where your business is as we near the end of 2013. Now develop your vision for where you want your business to be by the end of 2014. Now is the time to see that anything is possible. Be sure that those people you ask to be included in your “think tank” are positive and like minded. You don’t need to recruit any “dream killers”.

Develop a list of goals and be specific about actions you will take to accomplish each one. WRITE THEM DOWN AND KEEP THEM SIMPLE! It is important to put them on a piece of paper so you can remind yourself of your commitment to each and every step it will take to ensure your success. I actually feel that it is best to use the old pen and paper and say the words out loud as you write them down.

Truly believe that what you have envisioned for your path this year will happen no matter what challenges are presented to you. Picture yourself at the end of 2014 the way you would like to be and look back to see how you got there. Close your eyes and try to see every detail of your desired goal and how you will feel when you succeed. Congratulate yourself for accomplishing all of your goals for the year as if you have already arrived there.

When you have your plan in place and written down, share your ideas with others. Confiding in people you trust will help make you accountable. This support system will help ensure your success or recognize adjustments you need to make to accomplish your ultimate goals. If you share on social networking sites like FaceBook, be sure to only post what you are okay with sharing with others.

As you accomplish each goal, recognize what you have done by treating yourself to something special. A dinner, a new book or even a quick vacation retreat. If you have achieved some monetary or material success you can help others who are trying to find their way through what certainly have been difficult times.

Setting goals for 2014 can be successful if you establish reasonable goals, identify specific steps to achieve those goals and pursue them with passion. Make this a great year and feel good about yourself for taking action.

Have a Happy, Prosperous and Healthy, New Year!

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Government Encourages Small Business to tap SBA Loan Program  
Sunday, July 25, 2010, 06:38 AM
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The 504 loan program from the Small Business Administration offers companies fixed-rate financing for refinancing existing mortgages, acquiring property or building or expanding their facilities. Demand for the loans has fallen over the past few years as the economic downturn kept many small businesses from growing. The SBA is encouraging small businesses to apply for the loans by offering reduced rates and deals without fees.

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Executive Suites Let You Share The Costs... 
Friday, January 29, 2010, 11:13 AM
Posted by Administrator
For any business, to open an office can be a major expense of both time and money. Executive office suites can save you time and money by providing all the tools you need to grow your business in a professional location.

An executive office suite is where small businesses lease individual offices and share common spaces such as conference rooms, the kitchen, the reception area and a receptionist. Many representatives of major companies seek out shared office space as well.

Advantages of leasing an executive suite:
• Lease only the space you need. Because you have full use of the common areas, reception, conference rooms, in an executive office suite, most businesses need an office of 150 square feet or less.
• Short-term lease commitment. Many landlords require long-term leases to rent their open office space. When you rent from an executive office suite, most commit to a one-year lease to prevent rent increases, however, 6-month leases are usually available.
• Minimal financial investment in the physical space. A small business owner only needs to furnish the office (or have the center make arrangements to furnish it). The rest of the building is professionally furnished, including the equipment. This includes conference rooms, the reception area and the kitchen. You could move in Monday morning and have a meeting Monday afternoon and look like you have been longl established in that location.
• Minimal time and effort to establish an office. The small business owner can concentrate on the business, not establishing the physical office. Contacting the electric company, phone company, internet service providers takes plenty of time that can be better spent building your business. Let the center take care of this for you.
• One Invoice – One Check – Easy Pay. Talk about quick accounting. You receive one invoice which includes your rent and your variable expenses. You write one check to cover rent, copies, internet, phones or any additional services. And no checks for utilities!
• Facilities and services when you need them. Rarely does a small business need a conference room, reception area or receptionist full-time. By sharing these services, the cost is divided among many companies. These charges are built into your rent with some centers even allowing unlimited use,
• Professional receptionist greets your clients. Paid for and staffed by the office center. You enjoy a professional image and a look of being a well established business entity right from the start.
• Part-time assistance when you need it. If you secretarial services you don’t have to hire a “temp”. Qualified staff are usually available to assist you. You will only be charged for the time spent on your work. If typing or spreadsheet entry takes 15 minutes, you're charged for 15 minutes.
• Great Networking Opportunities. You get to expand your area of influence by interacting with the businesses and people located in your building on a daily basis. This is a great way to increase business through referrals for products and services.

To learn more go to

To get assistance in setting up your business go to:

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Focus on Small Business... Save Money and Energy with Virtual Offices... 
Monday, June 8, 2009, 12:44 PM
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Focus on Small Business
Virtual Offices Save You Money...

Virtual offices allow you to work from home, save daily gas and commuting expenses. You can still have a professional image for meetings with your customers and use professionally staffed conference space on a daily or hourly basis only when you need it.

Are you thinking of starting your own business, but concerned what it will cost? Virtual offices are a unique way for small businesses to save time, money and energy while allowing them to deliver the products and services that keep their business “in business”. No need to purchase property, maintain a building, or pay added utilities and insurance premiums.

Work from anywhere – A VO gives you the freedom to operate from just about anywhere including your home. With a dedicated phone line, you can even forward calls to your home or cell, offering a professional appearance to your clients.

Works all day every day - Since the Virtual Office is there 24/7, just like any other office, customers, calls, and mail can be received on youy behalf. If a client decides to visit the physical address of your Virtual Office, they will be met by a trained, professional receptionist who can receive packages or pass on a message to you. They can even give a package to the client on your behalf if you arrange for this in advance.

Reduces the need for employees - The staff of the Virtual Office gives you the advantages of having a fully trained staff at your disposal. In addition to the reception services, some Virtual Office operations even include access to business services such as copying, secretarial services, notary services. A few centers, like the SBC Office Center, may even offer business consulting, accounting and tax services with a CPA onsite.

Face-to-Face meetings – Need an office for a day or conference room for a few hours for that special meeting or interview? You can schedule that time in an upscale atmosphere on an "as needed basis" at reduced rates by being a Virtual Tenant.

Improve Your Bottom Line - By catering to large number of people with the idea of providing the services which are otherwise not affordable, Virtual Offices can help your bottom line. It is particularly advantageous to self employed professionals and small entrepreneurs who need to be in the field delivering their services to customers.

Cost-effective - Since the additional services of the Virtual Office can be reserved on a daily or hourly basis, you only pay for those services when you use them.

Legal Address - Meet local government requirements for an occupational license by having the commercial office address of a Virtual Office and also gives the option of business mailing address. It’s of great help to those who operate from home. The client can give the address of the Virtual Office with a suite number and the SBC Office Center will accept all the mail on your behalf. To me-‘It’s a smart way to do business!!!’

Go to to learn more. or click on the related link below.

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